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Some really fun artists that we work with to make sound and art installations about algae.

Inhale/Exhale, part of the 'C' show at the ECCI


Sinead’s science podcast (now ended, achives only)

(produced by Rob Bowen at


When Sinead is not being a mad scientist or mentoring the mad-scientists-in-training in her group, she makes bean-to-bar chocolate. Sometimes she runs chocolate workshops under the name of "Doc Choc" that are equal parts mad science, rants about ecology and conservation, and a hands-on chocolate-making lesson. Worshops are run sporadically through Meadowlark 39 Cafe. Sometimes she just makes chocolate there and they sell it. 

You can download Sinead's extremely opinionated chocolate-tasting notes here. The opinions reflect her own, and are in no way endorsed by any reseach council anywhere, and also not by any chocolate-tasting council (if such a thing exists). This document is updated ... periodically.  


Sinead in the New York Times 

Listen to Elisa Schaum's interview with BioPod on the topic of plasticity and climate change (

...And Georgina Brennan's interview aired on Ada lovelace day

(Produced by BioPOD

News and Views on our Ostreococcus plasticity paper (aka "Plastic Fantastic")

Follow us in real time on the latest mesocosm experiment on Facebook ... or just watch the film! 

And here is a snippet explaining what we do.



Large-scale mesocosm enrichments in oceans. Yes! We’re measuring phytoplankton evolution in these! How cool is that?

Women in Science 

These people have never funded me (despite my pleas), but they still do awesome stuff. I’m only a little bitter.