Toby Samuels (Post-doc)

38516124 10156496580256870 7924569811965706240 oElevated carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are causing our planet to warm, resulting in significant increases in sea surface temperatures. This effect is experienced acutely in polar regions, where ocean warming not only puts marine organisms under thermal stress, but exposes them to freshening, lower light levels, reduced nutrient supplies and greater environmental variability. To survive these changing conditions, marine species will need to adapt via evolution. My project (NERC-NSF funded), in collaboration with Tatiana Rynearson at the University of Rhode Island, investigates the evolutionary potential of Southern Ocean diatoms to adapt to ocean warming. Specifically, it explores the interplay between the roles of phenotypic plasticity and genetic diversity in the adaptation of experimentally evolving populations of Actinocylus actinochilus to  increasing temperature and environmental variability.

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