Applying Experimental Evolution to Oceanography


At some point, we need to make sure that any insights gained in our lab are shared with, and ideally used by, oceanographers. This involves a lot of conversations and collaborations, where we share our expertise in evolutionary biology, and learn a lot about marine biology. Have a look at our collaborators, and you’ll see!

Specific interests and ongoing collaborative projects:

  • Putting evolution into global biogeochemical models
  • Partitioning the contributions of evolutionary change and physiological responses in natural phytoplankton blooms at different levels of CO2
  • Understanding whether adaptive responses to ocean acidification are convergent phenotypically and genetically
  • Understanding how much variation there is in responses to ocean acidification within functional groups of marine phytoplankton
  • Developing marine microbes as model systems for experimental evolution
  • Experimental design to detect and characterize evolution in response to ocean acidification in ecologically important marine phytoplankton

Check out the kosmos blog, where we use marine mesocosms for experimental evolution during an experiment just outside Bergen in summer 2015!